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Double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Julian Dixon

With a firm commitment to providing the most natural enhancements possible, Dr. Julian W. Dixon and the Facial Aesthetic Center of Excellence is the only place worth trusting your most precious asset to. Offering a wide range of services we achieve outstanding results for patients of all comfort levels. This is serious business, but our highly trained staff are dedicated to pursuing excellence with a smile. We put excellence in our name because we want to see it on your face.

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Meet Dr. Julian Dixon

Learn about how Dr. Julian Dixon, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago treats all patients with respect and compassion.

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The Facial Aesthetic Center of Excellence is firmly committed to the use of only biologic, natural materials in facial rejuvenation.

Our “Organic” approach achieves superior results using only natural, safe products. We do not condone the use of potentially harmful chemicals or synthetic materials for routine facial rejuvenation. Our belief is that the knowledge, skill and expertise of Dr Dixon combined with natural products are all that is necessary to achieve long lasting, naturally superior results.

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Many patients come to FACE simply because they desire to breathe better through their nose. Very often breathing can be improved with a short outpatient surgery that has very little down time and virtually no pain. Patients often proclaim that they never realized it was possible to breathe so well at the first post-operative visit. The vast majority of surgeries designed to improve breathing are covered by insurance. Additionally many patients find that during the short functional procedure, is an excellent time to make small improvements to the shape of the nose if desired. Dr Dixon and the FACE team will be happy to lead you through the process during your private consultation.

Rhinoplasty is often regarded as perhaps the most intricate and challenging of all surgeries. It requires the mastery of surgical technique combined with the artistry of an aesthetic sculptor. Most importantly an ideal outcome depends on the relationship between the patient and surgeon. This relationship must be based on trust and understanding. The patient must trust the surgeons’ aesthetic judgement, the surgeon must in turn listen to and understand the patients’ aesthetic goals. When these factors are in harmony a successful outcome is virtually assured.


Cancer and Traumatic Reconstruction

FACE offers a wide array of procedures and surgeries to address the needs of patients who have either a medical condition or injury that affects the appearance or function of their facial anatomy. Often these procedures can be performed at our surgical office under local anesthesia. More complex reconstructions and traumatic repairs are performed in the Hospital setting with the latest state of the art equipment and products.

Blepharoplasty and Functional Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid lifts and corrective orbital surgery procedures are often performed under local anesthesia at our surgical office location.

Natural Facial Enhancement

Natural Facial Enhancement is an “organic” approach to anti-aging therapies. It is based in a commitment to using only biologic materials found in nature, combined with advanced technologies to stimulate your bodies own regenerative potential and reverse the signs of aging.

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I am always humbled and honored when my clients allow me to share our results with prospective patients. They sacrifice their anonymity to assist me in educating and comforting similar clients. I am grateful to my patients for such an act of selflessness, it speaks to the relationship we have forged, and it is these relationships that form the cornerstone of our success.

– Dr. Julian Dixon


Form Inspires Function.

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