Natural Facial Enhancement

Natural Facial Enhancement

Natural Facial Enhancement is an “organic” approach to anti-aging therapies. It is based in a commitment to using only biologic materials found in nature, combined with advanced technologies to stimulate your bodies own regenerative potential and reverse the signs of aging.

The treatments are designed to treat the deep layers of the face, traditionally only accessible with surgery, but now accessible with the FDA approved ultrasound technology of Ulthera©.

Once the deeper layers of the face and neck have been tightened and lifted, any residual signs of aging can be effectively treated with the addition of natural hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulators (botox©, dysport©).

There is no scarring with Natural Facial Enhancement therapies.

Downtime from bruising and swelling is dramatically reduced or eliminated with the use of a homeopathic “remedy” solution Dr. Dixon helped develop with leading plastic surgeons across the country. The result is a safe, natural appearing, convenient method of effectively reversing many of the tell-tale signs of aging.